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Post Subject: The axial symmetry at 750Hz?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/25/2006

 drdna wrote:
I was really shocked when I saw this idea of yours.  It is a trade off of course with improved control over narrower frequncy bands being traded for axial symmetry.  Yet because the position of the drivers is so very important, I am sort of stunned you are making this proposal which makes your Macondo look like so many other horn enthusiasts patched together systems I have seen on AA, etc. 

I understand the advantages of doing this of course, but given the difficulties of executing it correctly and your concerns about speaker placement, time alignment, DPOLs, etc.  I am surprised you would go this route.

What deficiency in your system compelled you to do this and what convinced you that you could make a big enough improvement to offset to disadvantages?


Good questions and very reasonable censers. I have the very same concerns. I do not have answers at this point and what I am planning to do will be pure excrement in order to see what happen. My objective is to get the S2’s bottom kneed tone and to get manual control over the “fundamentals range”. What S2 did at the bottom in that Vegas installation that I mentioned above was amassing. I call it “contrabassoon effect”… it hard to explain it, it should be heard….

The major question is how much I should pay for it in imaging. I do not care about the time alignment, speaker placement or DPOL. Defiantly it will be aligned and taken care. I thought about it before I dived into this project. My primary concern HOW it will screw up imaging and the fact that this arrangement might force to go for a higher order filters. Definably it would be bad, but at this point I do not know.

The only way to learn it to put it all onto the game and to play with it for a while trying to make it to sound correct. If it will not work then it will not work. I have to see how much gain and lost it will be and how the system will act in “whole”… There is another thing…. The axial symmetry is important thing for higher frequency but for lower frequency the axial asymmetry is quite beneficial. I made many experiments about it in past introducing the intentional axial asymmetry at LF and was able to get very interesting results. Still, at that time I was plating with 60Hz. How the axial asymmetry will work at 700-800Hz I do not know.

It does not bother me how Macondo looks like and that it appears, for a naked eye, similar to some AA installations. I have reasons to feel that they and I have different reasons and different motivations…


PS: BTW, I still consider placing the new “fundamental channel” 1.5” feet above the tweeter… It  will be tried and evaluated as anything else…

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