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Post Subject: GOTO: am I a hypocrite?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/25/2006

Thinking about my Vitavox S2 “fundamentals channel” I can’t stop think about my hypostatic view about the horns. Year after year I was mucking what GOTO does when they introduces a horn for a couple octaves. Ironical now I am truing to do the same for upper bass and lower mid range.

Yes, I do feel hippocratic about it. Still, my ideas is to use S2-LF+S2-HF is because the specific limitation of the Vitavox S2 driver. If the Vitavox S2 would be able to handle properly from 500Hz and up, and with the very same diaphragm then I would not need to separate this driver into two channels. From a different prospective a single horn from 500Hz to, I would say, 12,500Hz is by it’s wide bandwidth nature is a severally compromised horn… So might be the GOTO guys are on something by breaking it up?

It would be hard to say as GOTO use their own drivers and unless I would play with them it would be hard to say anything defiantly. Also, my coming experiment with LF section of S2 will not prove anything as I look forward to the very specific results and in the very specific application. Still, what motivated GOTO or ALE to break the channels beside their desire to sell more drivers?

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