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Post Subject: A loss of axial symmetryPosted by drdna on: 5/25/2006

I was really shocked when I saw this idea of yours.  It is a trade off of course with improved control over narrower frequncy bands being traded for axial symmetry.  Yet because the position of the drivers is so very important, I am sort of stunned you are making this proposal which makes your Macondo look like so many other horn enthusiasts patched together systems I have seen on AA, etc. 

I understand the advantages of doing this of course, but given the difficulties of executing it correctly and your concerns about speaker placement, time alignment, DPOLs, etc.  I am surprised you would go this route.

What deficiency in your system compelled you to do this and what convinced you that you could make a big enough improvement to offset to disadvantages?

Good luck with that, Adrian

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