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Post Subject: possible patent searchPosted by Bud on: 5/19/2006

I have no direct knowledge about these products. I only have a brochure, given to me by an evil person... well maybe not evil, but he does try to get male children, who are friends of his male child, to play in "Garage Rock an Roll Bands" rather than doing the more acceptable drugs and sex part of the hallowed "Drugs, Sex and Rock an Roll" !

In the brochure Ridley does claim to hold patents on the "intentional heating" of transitors and the methods for doing so. They also claim that they can run transistors to 150 deg. C for 10,000 hours without concern...... Perhaps another denizen of this particular jungle can search for the relevent patents? I can hardly find my ass with both hands, so I am not at all good with search engine rules and regulations.

Call them @ 770-640-9024 and ask for a demo amp...what can you lose? Maybe they will even loan you one, so you can give it your unbiased opinion and a suitable review.....? Certainly if they were to visit this site they would learn something, and it would even be good for them too.


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