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Post Subject: Off the subject: Mravinsky 1961Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/19/2006

 guy sergeant wrote:
I found the DG Privilege (70's reissue) gatefold double LP of the 1961 Mravinsky 4-5 & 6 yesterday. How many LP's were in the box set you mentioned? Presumably these symphonies were also available individually?

Anyway, as you suggested, the performances are astonishing making every other version I have sound feeble. The sound quality (even squashed onto two LPs) is pretty fine aswell.

The Mravinsky set you got is very bad, trash it, you should get off CD better sound.  DG Privilege was DG’s budget line, unfortunately produced. All Privilege LPs were horribly pressed, severally compressed, have no LF and actually the entire sound of the “Privilege” is not recognizable.  I literally threw the Privilege LP away is I accidentally get them. The best Mravinsky 1961 was available as 3LP box set, pressed in Italy. It is a very common set and it cost nothing: ~7$ everywhere. There were huge among of then pressed, they all sound very slightly deterrent but still they all better then their competitors. There are also the original DG pressing with the ring of Tulips. They are savable as the individual Records, one per symphony. Unfortunately the Tulipsed sonically are not as interesting as the Italians. The Mravinsky 1961 Tulipsed have problems with side imaging; have larger surface noise and a lot of other issues.  They also much less available and much more expansive, Only God knows why the morons pay extra for inferior pressing of the Mravinsky 1961. Perhaps the audiophiles stupid label adoration takes over their sense of Reality… Anyhow, in the future try to stay on the subject of the thread, as there is a dedicated thread bout the Mravinsky 1961 in the music section of the site.

The Cat

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