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Post Subject: Improved stuffingPosted by anthony on: 9/2/2017
Thanks Josh,

I tried the "stuffing in the middle of the pipe" and with 2 sheets in the middle managed to get very similar results to 4 sheets placed at the far end of the tube, but with a steeper SPL curve.  I then tried lower density stuffing and managed to remove most of the ragged SPL response above 150Hz (it also had a tidier impedance response in that region) so I am now on the hunt for lower density stuffing to see if that is going to improve things further.  

The lower density polyester wall batts also managed to reduce Fs as more were added, and it looks like I may be able to keep Fs at 45Hz or thereabouts with a drastically lowered resonant peak which will help things when I start testing with a Melquiades LF amplifier and its higher output impedance.  I have a room node that may be easier to manage if I can get that Fs lower in frequency, about 40Hz would be optimal, but I don't like my chances of getting there with the use of even less dense stuffing.  We will see.



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