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Post Subject: Please excuse the messPosted by anthony on: 7/2/2017
Romy, thanks for the explanation. 

I was not sure if you still kept an eye on that thread Romy.  As far as I know you need to be logged in to view the images in the diy threads so I will post a couple here to show where I am up to with the build (please excuse the mess).  These are taken with the first rays of morning light streaming into the room this morning...

Morning Glory Side2.jpg

Morning Glory Front.jpg

You can see the little 2-way standmounts that I am currently listening to behind which are the 'wings' onto which I will build the DSET.  My recently completed equipment rack holds my dac, the linestage, audio computer and tuner.  The dac is sitting on its vibration platform that I built and shortly I will have three more built for the other shelves.

I've been in a conundrum with the preamplifier.  In the past I have never been happy with anything that I have tried and as a result have direct connected my dac to amplifier, but I do love my FM and find that if I have to change cables that I just stay listening to the source that is playing and don't listen to the other.  In desperation I managed to find a second hand Placette Active Linestage but when it arrived I was quite underwhelmed by the hit to dynamics and some problems with HF in particular.  As you may recall, the Placette does not have feet of its own (at least mine has no feet) and since I recently completed the audio rack I plugged the Placette back in and sat it on a towel and it does sound much more capable than I originally thought.  I am hoping that once I get it on one of my anti-vibration platforms that I will hear in it enough potential to persist with it and try to make it work better.  It is quite surprising how much difference the rack with damped shelves and the towel to further decouple it has made to the sound.

After I get through this round of steel work I will return to the lathe to finish the Upperbass horn and then will will the DSET in the spring when it is warmer. 

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