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Post Subject: So many variables.Posted by xandcg on: 2/18/2017
It has some many variables involved what make in practice very "system dependent".

A CD transport follow (more or less) a constant design, while each PC can have so many differences between each other it is impossible to make a statement.

At the (normal) PC side we have several parts¹: motherboard (with several different parts in it), fans, ssd/hdd, PSU, processor, memory (I use RDIMM only), etc. all of them can contribute for the result, specially with noise, and none of then was designed with audio in mind. Well, there are the audio cards but everyday day people use more and more USB DACs.

IMHO, the only way to avail it with (more or less) parity between them would be using a proper built DAW² or a commercially available DAW. Something like Aurender N10 should be interesting to add in the mix, because it has a FPBA and seem quite well made.

¹not to say OS, files system, BIOS/UEFI, drivers...
²as Romy already said on this forum, he is a developer and certainly he know how to proper build a DAW.

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