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Post Subject: Micro seiki SX-8000 Air flaoting problemPosted by musicomm on: 12/28/2016
I am an analogue mania so naturally I love turntable.
I have acquired a Microseiki SX-8000 several month before and found it had speed irregularity. I thought first, the motor might be the problem but soon found there were scratch sound on the turntable. When I removed the platter I could see some scratch on the glasses, bottom and top.
I was suspicious that the pump might not supply enough air pressure to lift the heavy platter. But after six month of experiment I found it is not the air pump problem.

After six months of waste of time from wrong diagnosis I now suspicious of leakage of air somewhere.
I studied the structure of the turntable and tried several things I could do to find where it leaks but failed.
The last thing I could think of is the bearing of the turntable. The air must leak through the bearing down to bottom of the bearing. Not to top of the platter or to air suction hole either.
Problem is the bearing looks very complicate and I don't have courage to disassemble it to study.
So I took the turntable with air pump to a technician and he disassembled it but he told me he could not solve the problem. He was the last one I could rely on solving the problem.

Now I have to solve the problem by myself.
I have started searching Google to see any related topic and found this forum is where the most active MS users are
Is there anyone who has experience of solving similar problem of MS SX8000?

Hope to hear your valuable advice.

From Long time annoyed, Kim

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