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Post Subject: My revisionPosted by Amir on: 12/24/2016
 Amir wrote:
these are my findings about computer audio after some trial error:

1. computer audio is very very hardware/OS/software dependent. computer structure is multi task (time sharing) and using it as a real time single task processor is not easy.
even small extra process load on cpu dramatically change the sound. wav and flac are the same but Wave/AIFF sounds better than Flac because cpu should unzip Flac before sending to port. i do not know why a small extra process will affect the sound even in a powerful cpu like core i5.
if you select a fast/powerful cpu/ram and optimize OS/Software then you will get better sound . optimizing OS/Software is even more important than selecting powerful hardware. linux could be customise better than other os but mac osx is not bad , you can use renice command in osx terminal.
i renice coreaudiod priority to -20 and the result is unbelievable.
the best software on mac is Roon labs. it is far better than other bit-perfect softwares like ammara/audirvana/bitperfect .
i use CAD optimization script and i use linux renice command to increase roonlabs and coreaudiod priority in system.

then you should use good linear power supply for PC , good battery or good LSPU should be use to get good sound.

2. computer audio needs gordon rankin codes. i use berkeley alpha usb to spdif converter.berkeley use Gordon Rankin for Streamlength asynchronous code.
i do not why but i think without gordon codes you will not get good sound.

3. purist anniversary is the best usb cable in my setup even better than Acoustice revive and curious .

I bet you hear good sound even better than over 50k$ transports. our last test was CEC TL0-X vs my Berkeley , they sounded very similar.

my current setup :
Macbook Pro mid 2014 Retina 13″ (USB output on right side of Macbook), 8Gig RAM, Core i5 + External HDD (Thunderbolt port)
MAC OS X Mavericks + CAD optimization Script + iTunes EQ off
Roon Labs Player Software (true Bit-Perfect mode with exclusive access) + AIFF File Format
Purist Audio Anniversary USB Cable 1.0m
Berkeley Alpha USB (Gordon Rankin for Streamlength asynchronous code) + Purist Aquila AC Cable 1.5m
AMR DP-777 DAC (BNC input)

i should add CEC is clearly better in micro dynamics in all frequency. CEC is more linear and fuller in dynamics like a LP.
Macbook/Berkeley is very good but not as good as CEC in micro dynamics. macbook/berkeley is a-little less stable sounding in comparision by CEC.
stable sounding in my idea means stable music flow.

we had a good test some days ago. we used EAR DAC 4 to drive power amp directly without any preamplifier at first then we inserted a preamplifier between EAR DAC4 and Power amp.
adding pre amp to the chain had similar effect on sound when we switched from berkeley to CEC . adding preamp increase microdynamics and sound became fuller , using CEC increase microdynamics and sound became fuller.

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