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Post Subject: CEC TL0X Berkeley USB to S/PDIFPosted by Amir on: 10/2/2016
friday we had a good test , we use Roon Labs software.

tone was very similar in both CEC and Berkeley but i am not sure about our system tone resolution because we connected a push-pull amplifier to 2way living voice speaker.
in our test Berkeley was good on mid and high , very smooth very natural like CEC.
both sounded dynamic but CEC had 25% more depth, air, micro dynamic.
"depth" do not mean larger soundstage , it means deeper image like LP sound. berkeley with 1500$ PAD USB cable was compress.

we test an Acoustic Revive single core USB Cable , a hp printer usb cable and Purist audio anniversary usb cable.
hp cable was easy to listen but it was not transparent.
Acoustic Revive was transparent and very low noise but it was very very compress.
PAD was a-little noisy with better micro dynamic but it was compress.

i guess the problem come from usb cable. these designers like AC Conditioner designers just kill dynamics. they remove noise but then kill the dynamic.

I try to find a good USB Cable and a good S/PDIF cable. 

USB cables like AES/EBU cables are twisted pair and designing a good twisted pair is harder than Coax cables. coax is better than twisted pairs in many ways.
USB cable designers try to filter noise and it seems designing USB cable is even harder than AES/EBU cables.

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