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Post Subject: Audio CD -> Rip PCM (AIFF) -> Roon Player -> Apple Core -> Apple USB Driver -> Gordon USB Code (Berkeley) -> SPDIF -> DACPosted by Amir on: 9/27/2016
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I might be not “getting” what you are doing but it looks to me that it is not near close to “CEC TL0X vs Berkeley Alpha”. The Berkeley Alpha is just an interface to get stream of DAW but CEC TL0X is digital transport.  We have no idea what kind data acquisition front end AMR DAC has. So basically you will be testing CEC TL0 running into AMR DP-777 vs Macbook->Roon Labs->Berkeley->running into AMR DP-777. That might be an interesting practical test but in reality you will not be testing juts the above-mentioned chain but you will be testing else the quality of the CD production that will be running on CEC TL0X.  I do not know where you will get a WAV file that would be analogous to the CD master and you have no idea HOW the CD was made from that master. What I am trying to say is that you might find one or another playback option is preferable in your specific case but it would not necessary be an universal conclusion for anything.

Audio CD -> Rip PCM (AIFF) -> Roon Player -> Apple Core -> Apple USB Driver -> Gordon USB Code (Berkeley) -> SPDIF -> DAC
Audio CD -> CEC TL0X -> DAC

quality of the CD production is not important because we rip it. if  CD production is bad then rip data is bad and if CD production is good then rip data is good.

I rip an Audio CD (16bit 44.1khz) in Apple DVD-Rom (Apple USB SuperDrive) by dbpoweramp software. dbpoweramp has secure mode ripping and in this mode it get true PCM data from Audio CD then store it in AIFF format.
AIFF is a true bit-perfect PCM format with no loss and no compression.
AIFF is like WAV format. both FLAC and AIFF are lossless but AIFF and WAV sound better than compressed FLAC.

dbpoweramp and EAC (exact audio copy) softwares claim they rip bit-perfect PCM data. you can even check the data with AccurateRip site.   

after ripping Audio CD and playing AIFF in Roon software then we play the same Audio CD in CEC TL0X and the test condition is not relative to CD production quality.

Roon Software play AIFF in bitperfect mode but we should care the data goes to process by Apple Audio Core and Apple USB Driver before sending to Berkeley.
some people claim they tested data transfered from USB and some (not all OSX versions) OSX versions will pass data bit-perfect. they claim they measured output data by electronics device.
MR.Gordon Rankin claims the Streamlength asynchronous code in Berkeley Alpha USB will transfer data bit-perfect and apple usb driver do not change data.

if we believe apple core and apple usb driver and Gordon codes transfer data bit-perfect then we could compare CEC TL0X by Macbook/Berkeley.

about AMR DP-777 :
AMR DP-777 use a tube buffer before DAC for better SPDIF square wave . after tube buffer it use jitter reduction circuit (you can bypass it) .
this player has a classic mode dac inside. thorsten use bit-perfect 16bit 44.1khz non-oversampling philips r-2r dac with no digital/analog filter.
in the end it use a tube buffer after DAC. thorsten is fan of r-2r Philips TDA chips.

the output wave form of DP-777 has no rigging in bitperfect mode.

finally is should say i do not claim PCM data is 100% bit-perfect in Rip/Macbook/Berkeley , I just share other people views in computer audio business.

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