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Post Subject: An amplifier is not a subject but a service..Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/31/2006


I do not think that we recognize the process of “audio designing” as the identical actively. It looks as you peruse to design an amplifier (for instance) as a conceptually well operating system where a set of deferential abstractly-measurable values would complies with some sort of notion that you have. I do not see the things this way. To me an amplifier is not a subject but a service, and this is how I approach to the process of an amplifier designing and an amplifier assessment. To me there is not such a thing as “speed” vs. “harmonics” and from the place where I stay the harmonic patters is measurable but quantifiably it is not interpretable parameter.

What I mean that “a result” might not be assessed with its contribution to the purpose and to the meaning of “the result”. A result is like a”tempo” in music. There is no absolute or predefined tempos, ever the reface to metronome is worthless because there was a number of the different metronome scales. The “correct” tempo is not something fixed but it is “moderated” by very many variables and in the end, result the human practice, tighten to the many not quantifiable reasons, set it to be “right”.

Well, this I sensed from what you have written and it might be a separate subject… If you wish we might continue it in other more appropriate forums of the site.

Meanwhile this specific forum is dedicated to help those crassly people who are wiling to build the Melquiades and we wonder off the subject. I think that your Simplex amp is in the Melquiades alley and it is great that people who might contemplate to build the two stages with 6C33C would have a change to see multiple options and multiple view valuable

Romy the Cat

PS: Nope, I am not familiar nether with your 3X6C33C amp nor with Duplex

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