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Post Subject: “Easy come, easy go” sound...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/30/2006

 AnonymousUser wrote:
Fourth - What DCMB has achieved ?  a) simplicity  b) speed   c) no frequency discrimination  d) wider frequency range  e) suppression of the PSU noises ( I owe this claim to a Canadian friend who noticed it first), f) single point idle current adjustment and g) (under experiment) possibility of modifying the sound stage.
Ari, what actually I would be more queries in the case of your amp:

a) How whatever you/we “speed” relates with whatever we call “harmonic structure” and how realistic the harmonic pattern of your amplifier is

b) I do not know what “no frequency discrimination” is and I do not know at which power you took your frequency sweep. Whatever it was a regular SET, according to my believe, can not work properly full range and requires a DSET configuration

c) How naturalistic the bass and upper bass in your amp. Usually the direct-coupled designs (similar to OTLs) have some strangeness in there and produce overly open and “overly transparent” "melody range". In this case when I say overly transparent I did not mean “quality” but rather the “listener’s transparency”.

It is hard to explain what it the “listener’s transparency” in bass because the idiots who write for audio publications have crated a huge amount of buzz-words and bogus audio definitions but none of those that are important. By suggesting the listener’s transparency in the DC-coupling devises I mean very different concept then it might derive from the words. You see, when we listen music then music has some fulfilling effect. I mean the phrases, melodies, or juts the notes of this sequence is absorbed by out awareness and become our more or less permanent sensorial baggage. The question is if the audio processing topology coil affect the duration of that baggage. What I detected that when I listened the direct-coupled designs I got immediately impressed by the LF harmonic but at the same time I dot immediately “discharged” with my sensorial feeling as soon the music was over. I had very short accumulative memory of my experiences after I head the direct-coupled and the long-term musical fulfillment was very-very challenged. I call it the “listener’s transparency” as music become too transparent for a listener’s awareness and does not hold itself in a listener mind, as least in my mind. 

This why I am very withhold with the two stages, direct-coupled amplifiers…. As least they require a very careful listening assessment to make sure that they do not do their “easy come, easy go” sound…

Romy the Cat

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