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Post Subject: USBPosted by Amir on: 8/3/2016
 rowuk wrote:
Amir,you have now posted twice that "proper" USB is better than SPDIF. The problem is that it isn't, unless someone makes up rules to define their own sense of better. The problem here is that they have not defined anything that is better. Both methods have capability to exactly reproduce Redbook and hi res formats. So how to define better? One less device in the playback chain? Artificial declaration of jitter to be the root evil of all digital playback?

I tell my trumpet students not to "throw up" on the music stands during lessons. That means playing with no brain or context - impulsively without any sense of aestethics. Similarly, throwing up a magazine article without context to me is "throwing up".

Tell me what you think. You have had quite a bit of experience with all sorts of equipment. Can you separate "better" from sounds better? Do you have other experiences?

I have repeatedly done DAC shootouts - even during recording sessions and have to say that many times the buffer stage on the output of the DAC made a bigger difference than picking the SPDIF, USB or Firewire interfaces. For the shootouts, I use recordings (symphony orchestra) that I have made myself with a (very high quality) stereo pair of microphones (AB, MS, DECCA Tree, ORTF). No EQ, no limiting or compression. I have never been able to attribute the "problems" that I have heard to any interface. Maybe my ears are simply not good enough, but if that is so, I am very happy because then the interface is one problem that I do not have. Now, the "sound" of the DAC is another story altogether.

I think you know that in objective audio rating discussion we do not score methods in absolute manner.
I mean if i say analog is better than digital , it do not mean all digital players sound crap in comparison by any analog sources.
when Mr.Gordon says proper implemented USB is better than SPDIF , it means the designer has better margin to get better sound via USB.
theoretically we could design ideal DAC via SPDIF but in real world we prefer USB because in equal condition it is a better method.

in computer audio using USB is better than converting USB to SPDIF .

about your DAC shootouts i agree you the most important priority is output stage. multibit and input interface are behind it.
jessika Dazzle use Gordon DAC, maybe he could help to discussion

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