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Post Subject: Re: Fun with transformers?Posted by Resorob on: 3/29/2006
Hi Romy,

I realise that this is a very old post, but you might want to take a look over here=>>

The article can be downloaded as PDF, the writer Ari Polisois developped a new kind of transformer called SC OPT "Self Compensating Out Put Transformer". This could be a unique transformer and  maybe it can handle the full range at full power. In any case I have never seen a similar transformer.

The SC OPT has three windings, primary, secundary and tertiary the tertiary winding compensates for the dc current running through the transformer to the power tubes. Since this magnetism is compensated for, practically the whole core is available for the music signal, maybe Ari Polisois can better explain. Should you want it you can reach him at:



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