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Post Subject: Interesting discussion indeedPosted by clarkjohnsen on: 2/13/2016
When I was designing The Listening Studio (a business, of sorts) I had 4000 sq.ft. of floor at my disposal. Only the ceiling was fixed : A slanted oak-beamed roof of 14' to 16' height. After considerable thought I hit upon a solution: I would make the room dimensions embody the proportions of Symphony Hall, Boston. That gave me a ~1000 sq.ft. room -- 49 x 22. The speakers would be at the narrow end, and behind them I built a control/equipment room. The speaker cables would run through the wall. The two walls I constructed were somewhat slanted to discourage standing waves; the other two were brick.

It seemed to work well.

Originally I made the room LEDE, but after a few years was shown the error of my way. Subsequently I utilized Roomtunes and ASC Tube Traps.

The loudspeakers were VMPS towers, which were easily able to activate the space.

So what's my point? That, even given a great room, it will almost certainly take several years to whip it into shape. Probably the larger the space, the longer the time.

In my opinion Romy and Amy's Opera Room is the most beautiful and comfortable listening/viewing place I've ever been in. Something like that should be in any new house too. Or call it a Retreat Room.


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