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Post Subject: What is humanly possible?Posted by rowuk on: 4/13/2014
Perhaps the reason that the 4th movement of B7 is so often a postscript because the musicians bleed to death during the first 3 movements.

The orchestra played B7 last year and I can testify the first trumpeter (regardless of "quality") cannot just play without abandon from beginning to end. Bruckner did not compose with earthly bounds in mind. It is not a case of having enough chops to get through, it is more about being psychologically stable enough to survive the layers continually thrown at you. I think Romy is right about the stars having to line up.

My personal opinion is that IF you want a definitive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movement from one orchestra and conductor, you need a lot of time to record it - or a lot of "luck". Big money can buy right notes but for those that want more than good "specifications" there is more involved that money cannot buy.

Yes, a doctor earns a living keeping people thinking that they are on the road to being healthy, a psychologist earns a living by making people think that they are on the road to "sane", a policeman earns a living by giving the community a sense of "security", politicians earn a living by making their constituents feel like their interests are being represented. Why should we "assume" that conductors will have more opportunity than any of the above mentioned professions?

The wonderful thing about music is the acquired tastes. That is what I believe the correct goal is. Our lives are improved by OUR investments. The path to discovering what Solti, Ormandy, Wand, Thielemann does and anticipating what they did or will do is the sport.

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