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Post Subject: My latest BMI post...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/30/2013

The Mahler Second last Saturday was a wonderful concert to demonstrate how irrelevant BSO is becoming in lives of people who are interesting in actual musical results instead of paranoiac desire of feeding a parochial cesspool of smalltalk about musical life. From this perspective BSO is not much different from BMI, which also has very little relatively or quality.

The Resurrection that BSO showed on Saturday was probably the most boring I even attended. With some minor exception of BSO’s strings in second movement the whole concert was like waking up after a wavy hangover where musicians did not know why they do what they do and music had no idea why it sounds. The BMI people talk a lot about the pose after the first movement that Mahler introduced to “calm down nerves” but I after the first movement told to Wify that I just realized that it has to be incredibly boring job to play full time in an orchestra like BSO, not much different in my view then to be BMI writer or reader.

For sure we have very good musicians at BSO and no one question their desire or interest to demonstrate exciting music. However, I am realist and for quite a few years, very much like the last Saturday, the trip to Concert Hall was an unfortunate waste time and money. Not much different from BMI. The last truly stimulating article I have read at BMI was two years back about a Rockport chamber concert. The rest writing at BMI no different than BSO – a bunch of generally good people with good intention are trying to push out themselves irrelevant verbal expressions about events that might amuse only people who spent 10 years in sensory deprivation chambers…

Not only the insultingly-mediocre BSO play and boring Dohnányis’ interpretation were something that received at BMI a clean bill of health from a Professor of Music but another I am sure some kind of Professor Stephen Owades extends appreciation to the quality of live sound that WCRB had on Saturday.  I think that Professor Owades instead of buying a hearing aid need to embrace another title like sonic generalissimo or something like this…
I understand that cross-kissing in a bat any status-quo individual is the only prerogative that left for players of reviewers who not able to play well together or to write well. And I understand that my childish yell about residual integrity is just childish. Well, this is one of the reasons why I do not read BMI anymore and why I do not waste my time nowadays to monitor what BSO is doing.  Still, it is fan once a while to visit BMI and to confirm that the sarcophagus of self-serving hallucination that BMI decouples itself from reality becoming thicker and now feature a full bas-relief of local mocking credentials.

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