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Post Subject: Re: inside views of "melquiades"Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/10/2006

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 AnonymousUser wrote:
hi-i have downloaded the circuit diagram for your amp but wondered if you have any photos of the "guts" so i can see how you laid yours out ?

I do not have a full rage Milq anymore. I have only the 3-chanals Super Milq, this is juts the amp section with the PS. I do not think that it would be necessary to imitate any my or anyone else layout as the Milq id very simple and you could come up with your own arrangement. There are some very few layout issues in the Milq that “must” but they are juts the common since of any amp’s layout….

 AnonymousUser wrote:
just a couple of questions
1- R3 + R24-27 are shown not in bold print-why ?

The R3 is an optimal resistor to drive current via the cable if you need to. The R24-27 are the virtual filaments ground resisters. The are also optimal and if you have no LF noise then you do not need to use them

 AnonymousUser wrote:
  2-it says "look below for OPT"-?

Read the

 AnonymousUser wrote:
  3-are OA2 like a zener diode ?and would a zener diode do in these positions. "

Nope, use OA2 gas tube. I am not responsible for the result you get with zener diodes. There were a lot of reasons to use in the Milq what was used. If you want to have Melquiades then stick to what have done. If you want to design your own amp and your own sound then feel free to do so but it has no relation to something that I endorse


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