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Post Subject: Art Dudley review of new Lamm 2.2Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/21/2013

I got a .pdf file with April  Stereophile where Art Dudley writes up about new Lamm 2.2 amp. I am long off the Lamm camp but I do observe what is going on with Lamm equipment as I feel I do have a good grip about it.

I have no idea why Art Dudley stuck with Lamm’s 6C33C SETs as with his speaker I do not think it was a reasonable choice and Lamms did not do even fraction what they are able to do with Art’s acoustic systems. To drive with ML2 full frequency range electrostatics and large polyester films drivers like QUADs is truly foolish, but anyhow...

The Dudley’s review generally good. He pretty much describes what he experienced. I can’t estimate how accurate he was as I never heard the new Lamm 2.2 but I did not detect in Dudley’s review too much contrived thinking  or unadulterated stupidity. He, like any other reviewers is unfortunately forced to make writing that would encourage people to buy but with that exception it was a reasonable observation.

With absence of typical reviewing stupidity an interesting question arises: was it an interesting review? Well, it was not. Art invested no thinking into the sound of the amp and he pretty much just plugged it in, listed it and described what he heard. Was it a review? Not in my estimation. It was a review for the people who look forward to buy something but this type review was not an event for the people who have deeper interest in sound. I am sure that no one pays to Mr. Dudley to write anything deeper then what he did but this justification does not make the Art’s review to be too great. The observation that he did in the end about sound coming from ML2 become non-ignorable  was very good one but that was made 12 years back and Art just duplicates it.

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