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Post Subject: Micondo's Pilot Rev 2.0Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/11/2013

 decoud wrote:
Perhaps you should use the cathedral configuration to make a synergy horn of the entire ceiling: tweeter at the apex, mf a little further down each wall, and bass at the base.
Were it steeper it could actually work.

A good idea but I do not think that I would go for this level of complexity for Pilot Channels.  I think a regular monitor that are able to play a typical monitor bass (down to 60Hz would say) would be perfects sufficient. They juts need to have a lot of power handling to power the whole room and to be small size. I might add some kind of consumer grade sub to it if I need to. The way how I envision it will be mostly used with internet feeds, that are 192kbit/s - 320 kbit/s, or essentially the data feed compromised by digital compression anyhow, so quality is very tolerable in there and demands are very flexible…

 Paul S wrote:
I confess I have let my mind wander in this direction:

There are others along these lines, of course, but I'm not sure one is so much "better" than another.  As for "normal" box speakers, I normally recommend the nearly-impossible-to-find-now original Harbeth Monitor 40s as "all day" speakers that do not spawn suicidal thoughts.  Although the 40s do need some power, it could probably be integrated MOSFET amps, or something like this, maybe a soft version of the new "All-In-One" source/pre/amps.

Actually, I was also thinking about some kind of pro active monitors. I would like it to be small and not complicated but I also would like it to be easy to use. It would be nice to have one button that turns both monitors. I think if I power them from the same radio control power switch then it will be fine. I would like Amy be able to have “one button approach” to the playback if she want to listen something. I would like also to have a full blown pilot functionally for myself.

I will pick in basement some monitors and try to use them tonight with a dedicated separate amp.

The Cat

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