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Post Subject: Ultimate TonearmPosted by Stitch on: 1/12/2013
CES 2013: Yes, there it is. THE Arm.

The Manufacturer says (Roksan): Sorry guys, it can't be made cheaper, $35.000,-- is the price we need for that sonic revolution

His Dealer said: Guys, when the Sound of a Graham Arm is worth $6000,-- then the sound of THAT Arm is worth $35000,--

It is called Vertere Reference (what else?) Tonearm
Here is the link to a Forum which remembers me to some 7 year old boys with a box of - expensive - condoms in their hands, having absolutely no idea for what they are, but they know, it is good to be prepared.

My personal Hit-list of ultra super "important" discussions (---> reading creates brain cancer) is normally unsurpassed from Schroeder Arm Owners, followed by Koetsu Owners and Linn LP12 owners (same level), then there is a - very small - gap with TW Acoustic owners and now I am not sure, where to place these guys who show the world, that masturbating in front of price tags is the only real goal a serious Audiophile should have.I guess, that Thread is my personal No.1.

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