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Post Subject: Namely: Bidat vs. LavryPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/19/2005

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 TonyB wrote:
Re: Pity

I was not looking for the card to do any buffering; quite opposite I was looking for ONLY I/O interface with no logic aboard. To use PC as the music CD server? What for? It might be a WAV files server, but only the files are not available on the CDs. If the CD are already exist then what the purpose to copy them to PC, even if the “quality” presumably might be preserved? Also, I did not try to drive, or to drive-by the Linx16 with Lavry’s clock, as I do not see what I might be for. The theories are fine but it “as it” performance of the PC past of my recoding systems is perfectly fine, so why to spell troubles when the troubles do not trouble me?

 Antonio J. wrote:
Did you find some program different than Linx's that can play the 24/96 files?

Nope, I play it with that same WaveLab program as I recorded it. It is not comfortable but it works very well.

Anyhow, guys let leave it all “as is” because it begins to shift out of the subject of the thread, namely: Bidat vs. Lavry


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