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Post Subject: For Those Who Can Hear ImprovementsPosted by Paul S on: 12/2/2012

I happen to know the original Shakti creator, a very smart guy whose real job was studio film editor.  As I recall, the idea for the original product, the Shakti Stone, was, basically, convert "wrong" frequencies to heat.  Anybody could cut one open to see if/how this is done.  I promised not to reveal the "active ingredients", but I am OK to say my hearing never detected any differences I could specifically attribute to the "device", at least not according to its "function" as I understood it. But, after all, everyone knows I'm at least 1/2 deaf.

I have not seen the guy in a long time, and I don't know much about all the newer products he or his successors have come up with, but I always equated it with Peter Belt's stuff, Shunyata, etc., etc.

If someone is patient and methodical, and an acute listener, who knows what might be accomplished in the way of shaping in-room sound?  And - if it "works" - who cares if the "theories" sold with it are weird?

By the way, Romy, what do you mean by,  "As I understand Shakti Soundfield Optimizers teake it way further and I would like to look into it." ?  How do these things "work", and what are they taking way further?

Best regards,
Paul S

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