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Post Subject: I you run Wilson Company.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/19/2011

Here is an interesting brain exercise for somebody who does not feel that it “deviated into an area outside the intent of this site”…

Pretend that you are David Wilson and you run a company that has some following and marketing success. You introduce a new flagmen model and you would like people pay attention to what you have done. What would you do? I mean what you would be able to say about your new model that from one side to be true, did not sound like BS, and from another side give credit to your integrity and design capacity? Make your proposals if you wish.

I run my own loudspeaker company and if I find myself in David Wilson show then I would do the following: I would sit in front of camera and explain that I made a new loudspeaker and address the imperfections that in my view exist in my old loudspeaker.  Then I would in very fine derails enumerate all sonic problems that in my view exist in my old design. Enumerate and to explain it with details and illustration that the last deaf edits would be able to acknowledge it. Well, I do not sale speakers to others but this is how I sell speakers to myself and I assure you that I am much demanded customer.

Well, I am sure that I never will work for Wilson sales and I think the Wilson sales will never will work for me….

Anyhow, if you have any interesting idea how Alexandria XLF might be sold then feel free to share.

The Cat

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