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Post Subject: It gets better then this.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/12/2011

 tuga wrote:
It's funny you mention The Godfather; the methods are enourmously similar:

Tuga, yes,

this is very typical for the industry. I am not taking about the Stereo Times vs. YG Acoustics conflict. Do not forget that this type of conflict is kind of public and the parties are trying to be dignified. In the industry there are manufacturers /reviewers, manufacturers /dealers, publishers /reviewers relationships and they periodically get broken. I witnessed numerous of relationships like this went south and you could not believe how low the parties involved go in order to expose the “truth” about the former associate.  I am kind of in unique position as everyone know my religion independence and loyalty only to myself and my own Sound, so thy quite frequently share information after the business relations were severed.

If you want to know a “truth” about a brand, model, company, reviewer or reviewing hour then get in touch with a person who juts was fired from there. You will suddenly learn that a “celebrated designer” is a drug junky who for 10 year can’t even talk intelligently, not to mention to think, that a “celebrated dealer” just returned from jail for beating shit out of 7 year old child, that a “celebrated reviewer” has no own playback for years, I can continue this list infinitely but you get the idea. It is very nice if you would like to but a product A for instance to call to former distributor and that idiot will give you a detail download to all horrible problems that might be with this product.

It even gets better then this. A few years back, when I was looking for a new cartridge I was interested about one Japanese-made cartridge. I called to the US rep and  he informed me that he is not rep anymore but he very much discourage me to get involved with the company because the horrible problem with the company and very many problems from the cartridge sound. I decided to play alone (the idiot on the other side of the line had no consciousness anyhow) and told him that it would be my second cartridge from this company and I had my doubt is I need to by another one. He asked me what kind doubts. I never used or even seen this cartridge but for fun I begin to give to him the details explanation of the problems with the cartridge Sound. He very much confirmed it and we lest best friends.   In two week I made a friend of my to call to the same guy and the former rep begin to use exact my words and even exact my somatic to explain all horrors of the cartridge sound and persuade the caller never look in this direction again.

This is extreme case but still, a guy who use to be with a women, and if you respect the guy, most likely give to you quite accurate assessment of the woman’s capacity. The very same with audio industry entities – the former associates do the best critics with only one exception: no one in the industry deserves respect.  Any industry-involved individual is an ultimate whore who has no integrity but only the fear to protect his/her own status-quo

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