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Post Subject: This is my expereince also with DPOLSPosted by drdna on: 11/8/2005

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Maybe I don't know what DPOLS is, as suggested by others in this forum.  All I know is that I can spend a lot of time fiddling with the exact location of the speakers, the sepcific 3 dimensional alignment of the two sets of drivers, and there is just one very specific position for the speakers in the room that makes a gigantic difference in the perception of the sound being like live music.  I can spend literally weeks or months trying to adjust the speakers when they are put in a new room.  Quickly ( after a few days), often there is a small area around this where the sound is pretty good and I can live with this quite happily, but there seems to be one very sepcific arrangement where the music comes alive.  It is a matter of moving the speakers very small amounts by 1/16 of an inch toe in, toe out, forward, back, sideways, etc.  to get it just right.  But when it is there, you know it.  Maybe this is not DPOLS, perhaps I had misunderstood the original posting.  If this is the case, perhaps someone can enlighten me to waht DPOLS really is?

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