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Post Subject: Tell me if I'm wrongPosted by Antonio J. on: 11/8/2005

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I think that I've never experienced a pair of speakers placed to achieve the DPoLS, but once I had mine quite close since the "sound" was something special, which trascended the features of individual sounds and helped to make music an experience quite closer to what live music is, not exactly in absolute terms of dynamic range, "tone", air or whatever you may use to describe sounds, but in the way one could get the meaning  of the contents of the music... well, it's quite hard to explain, but it's related to the way some works can ellicit an emotional response which oneself produces just if things are fine. And that "feeling" was present wherever you were in the room, not just sitting in the "sweet spot" and also you might lay on the floor or standing up on your feet, that "thing" was there. I changed the speakers and I lost it :-( but I'm still looking for it.

The point is that that sensation is something quite comparable to when you meet the right VTA whilst setting up the cart on the turntable. If you try to set up VTA trying to balance "frequencies", you'll probably go mad fiddling with it every single record you play, but there's a position, which you can spend months to find, that simply makes music a "whole" and it really doesn't matter very much if you play a thick record or a thin one (which goes against the very principle of VTA), that everything is balanced in tone, dynamics and space on most records.



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