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Post Subject: DPOLS: why their sound worst...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/7/2005

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Actually there are many hidden aspects of DPOLS, the aspects that, many audio people who never experienced DPOLS but wiling to argue about it, do not even understand. Interesting that by observing some of this aspects is it very easy to detect where a person stay in his/her understanding of audio.

For instance one of the hidden DPOLS aspects is a fact that a loudspeaker do not has any default sound and the loudspeakers sound is a result of the loudspeakers complicity multiplied by the efforts that the loudspeaker’s owned is capable to vest in order to make the loudspeaker to perform in it’s best. The people who do not want to know anything about DPOLS and who do not want have DPOLS as the objective juts are not familiar with loudspeaker or with any more or less civilized sound in listening rooms.

Hifitodd, I do not knock in your door with this reply, I juts would like to remind that desires to get ANY science evidences are juts the desires of convince own mental applicability. However, a creative sensibility of and a person ability to recognize the realty and react to realty accordingly is a real high ends of human actions.  The DPOLS is an art of the speakers setting. The “science-backed evidences” have no relation to loudspeaker but juts the conventual morals that was invented by the Audio Asylum’s Idiots in order to prove why their sound worst then sound in the rooms of their neighbors…

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