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Post Subject: Audio/Visuals/Angels/Pin HeadsPosted by Paul S on: 8/7/2011
Maybe it's also the very "visual" mind and related vocabulary trying to express audio ideas? While there are any number of verbal strategies for describing sound, most hinge on "visuals".

Another visual is the new-ish process whereby items (generally proto-types) are quasi-magically "grown" with electrical beams from a base "matrix".  I like this one!

As it happens, my wife is a sculptor.  Sure, there is a version of this that suggests the artist removes material until the piece is "found".  But this assumes there is a There there, to begin with.  There is also sculpting with clay, etc., where the process is "additive".  Is the "seed" in this case in the material or the artist?  I understand all of these visual analogies to dance near enough to the subject of audio to be useful, given a sympatico dialog, and this in turn might even play with more "abstract" notions of sculpture, as opposed to figurative and/or more "classical"notions.

Another interesting question would be, how many Sabas does it take to equal an orchestra?

Best regards,
Paul S

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