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Post Subject: One of many advantages of multi-amping.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/28/2011

The people who use a single driver speaker believe the while their driver move back and forth for it also radiates a problem-free MF and HF. Near the same people believe that if an amp has capacitors with precious metals foil then it not only do sound better but cure cancer and  heal consciousness after an abortion. Still amplifiers do not read stupid audio forum and they use own mind to operate.

One of much ugly moment in amps operation is handling complex LF ULF signal.  Even if the amp has no LF restricting magnetic in the signal path then inner modulation of the signal do a lot of damage to sound. While you amp is and it’s power supply play care a fine, fraction of dB flute tone the very same amp at the very moment might care some crash from bass sections. Did you note that most of playbacks, while handling some strong and powerful signals, do vandalize fine minor signals?

A month of so ago a local guy stopped by to hear Macondo and he commented: “for some reason Macondo does not collapse with stress”. Sure 14 channels and 14 amps, 12 of them in Class A1 – why would it be stressed?

Anyhow, of if the secret sin my view is compartmentalization of bass. Make an experiment. Mix at your preamp 50/50 signal from your CD and your TT. Stop the TT spinning, put an LP on platter, lover your tonearm to the stopped record, turn off the LF high-pass filter if you have it on your phonostage. Now let somebody to jump next to your TT. Pay attention to your woofers. You most likely will not hear the sound as it will be too low but you will have very good ULF in-rash. Now, crank up you playback, play a nice and soft music from CD and let your “jumper body” to rock your woofers by phonostage signal. Pay attention that sound of your   Mozart Flute Concerto from CD will be to a large degree depending from how your jumper jumps.

In the multi-amping situation your HF amp will see only the signal from your CD player and bass amp will see the signal from LP and no matter what kind stress the LP amp has it will not be passed to MF amps. I do not say anything new. It is known to anybody but for whatever reasons is not used by anybody in High-End audio. The Morons are accustom to build and to buy power amps that cost comparative to annual income but they do not organize playback with 2 or more cheap  multi-amping amps, dedicated to own respectful frequency range.  In my view it contradicts with the notion of High-Endnes. There is nothing wrong to use one amp but using cost-benefit analyses multi-amping way beats “better amp”.

The Cat

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