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Post Subject: OK here are my responsesPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/26/2005

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 MusicLover wrote:
Romy, SS amps have a FLAT freq curve and essentially inaudible distortion. THey don't cause ANY sound. No one has been able to scientifically demonstrate that SS amps add any HUMAN AUDIBLE signature to the signal. While I understand this site is more opinion based, i'd be interested to see if you can cite any SCIENTIFIC studies (not listening experiences but science) that demonstrates otherwise.

I know where you were coming from and I pretty much expected this reply. I would like to pass a few unrelated anecdotes and you might interpret then in any way you might find them applicable.

1) Pretend that humans do not recognize distortions, I mean out awareness is not able to acknowledge them. (The fact that was highly scientifically demonstrated and proved in end of the 1970s by that person I know and the fact was idiotically rejected by the ASE as something that “has no relation to practical applications”

2) When you register distortions you refer only to mathematic reflections of exchange mechanism that take place in amplifier. Those reflections do not have direct relations with the transformation of sonic Reality the take place in amplifier. If you fell that they do then please proved further explanation how distortions pattern relates to listening experience. While you do so it would be nice to recognize that this relation dose not exist even for “live” sound.

3) While you utilize the scientific method of sonic analyses you do not measure the sound itself but you rather the measurable aftereffects of mathematical equations. Sonic and electrical waves have different fundamental nature and the electronic measurement equaling but it nature could not operate within a language of sonic realty. Therefore to interpret the really of sound producing machines and to rely explicitly upon the currently know mathematical methods is like estimating a happiness of a human by exposing his farts a gas analyzer.

4) There are very many moments of sound reproduction that could not be descried by hard core science or at list the science is not up to the point of “resolution” that might even approach the humane senses. How electronics can handle the “intentions” of performing music? How electronics modifies the reasons and the decisions of the artists? Why with one amplifier (SS or course) the Benedetti Michelangeli’s wring notes sounds like an accidental hit of the wrong key but with another amplifier they sound like a very intentional positioning philosophical statement that make you to think for days or weeks. Are we looking for to be “right” of happy? Are we reproducing music for sake of anal-retentive science of for the sake of more inspired humane goals? If the scientific machines that we use do not benefit our desires of musical objectivism then what we do in audio?

 MusicLover wrote:
Romy, I use altec 808a in a 511b and altec 515G. AS for desirability, that's your opinion. My opinion differs. WE are both entitled to our own opinions!

I understand why in such case you feel that horn are severally colored and why you need a use a condom of SS amplification to mask out the huge problems of the 511b horn. In my language those rectangular caskets are not horn but the ears torturing machines.  In realty the properly built, properly arranges and properly powered horns do not have anything colorations you apparently experienced before. I think you make a generalization slightly premature. Also, if horns require any EQ then it is a clear evidence that people who design the system were very much ignorant regarding of what they do. Trust me, I did play with horns EQ a lot until I learned why I was wrong. . If you find yourself in Boston I will be happy to demonstrate it to you and horn is completely free form the prejudices that you observe in then so far. But one age, it is demands what you looking to get: the music for your soil of the sounds for your oscilloscope… :-)

 MusicLover wrote:
I have a couple of horn systems, and have heard many more. They tend to be colored in terms of frequency response. Of course they have great dynamics. Butthey need proper EQing. Your system seems to be non EQed. I can only surmise that you have managed to find some acceptable balance between the tube amps you use and the system you have built, that (while my guess is not flat at all) sounds pleasant to you. THe stimulus for my comments is simple: I have built & listened to quite a lot of horn systems.

So, MusicLover, when you built your horn systems then what exactly dissatisfied you that you felt a need to use EQ? was a lick of response linearity of something else? If one build a horn playback installation and it is not liner enough then it dose not discredit the horn but rather just inform about some ignorance of designer or the entire installation prematurely whan any assessment of sound should not be even started.
 MusicLover wrote:
Ok ROmy, disregard my last line, I was being humorous. What I meant was: if you have a non-flat horn system (and in your case I can tell you it is non-flat if you measure it you will see) then you can swap imperfect tube amps till you find a balance of sound. Or you can do what the pros do: just EQ it and go with a flat SS amp.  REal simple.

I would anticipate that you would extend me some credit and will not presume that I would cure the non-flat horn system with amplifier or even some kind of barbaric equalizations. I think one should discover how to make the playback installations at least linear and then start to thinks about Sound.

Romy the Cat

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