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Post Subject: My responsesPosted by MusicLover on: 10/26/2005

 MusicLover wrote:
IF you can "hear" SS amps, Romy, then your system must not be well set up, and be sensitive to the frequency shifts caused by tube amps. SS amps have NO sound that humans can hear. 

MusicLover, could you elaborate on this a little more?

--Romy, SS amps have a FLAT freq curve and essentially inaudible distortion. THey don't cause ANY sound. No one has been able to scientifically demonstrate that SS amps add any HUMAN AUDIBLE signature to the signal. While I understand this site is more opinion based, i'd be interested to see if you can cite any SCIENTIFIC studies (not listening experiences but science) that demonstrates otherwise.

 MusicLover wrote:
I use EQ'd high eff multi driver horn system, and I can tell you, solid state sounds great! I use a mid 1990's luxman, and it works great on my triamped (mainly horn) system. 

Hm, I am glad that you happy with  Luxman. Yes, I am familiar that there are some very inexpensive low compression MF drivers, primarily with ceramic magnets, that work better with SS amplification but they, even with the best SS, perform very poorly and none desirable all together.

----Romy, I use altec 808a in a 511b and altec 515G.
AS for desirability, that's your opinion. My opinion differs. WE are both entitled to our own opinions!

 MusicLover wrote:
Horn systems like yours Romy are notoriously colored and need proper EQing, 

Could you elaborate on this as well? It would be interesting what were the stimulus and reasons for your comments. Also, it would be interesting to learn what kink exposure to horn loaded installations you have.

---------I have a couple of horn systems, and have heard many more. They tend to be colored in terms of frequency response. Of course they have great dynamics. Butthey need proper EQing. Your system seems to be non EQed. I can only surmise that you have managed to find some acceptable balance between the tube amps you use and the system you have built, that (while my guess is not flat at all) sounds pleasant to you. THe stimulus for my comments is simple: I have built & listened to quite a lot of horn systems.
THe reason for my comments: none except I wan tto share thoughts on your forum. I am not trying to criticize you, I am simply giving you my opinion, baed on experience and measurements of horn systems, none of which are flat without EQ.

 MusicLover wrote:
otherwise you will spend the rest of your feline life swapping amps. 

Ironically I swap amplifiers much less frequency then anyone I know in audio. Still, although I very much disagree with your suggestions it will be educational to hear your further thoughts

------Ok ROmy, disregard my last line, I was being humorous. What I meant was: if you have a non-flat horn system (and in your case I can tell you it is non-flat if you measure it you will see) then you can swap imperfect tube amps till you find a balance of sound.
Or you can do what the pros do: just EQ it and go with a flat SS amp.
REal simple.

Romy the Cat

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