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Post Subject: Before one plays a violin concerto….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/24/2005

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Jan, I disagree.

Obviously the ultimate intention is to listing music not the "imaging" or the “compression” but…. in order to listen music there is no needs for a good playback at all.

Audio and music are very different subjects of human experiences and they are no necessarily related.  Still, if we make the assumptions that “better audio” could enrich music listening experiences then let find out what actual do enriching and what does not.

I did not “shift between listening to the system and losing yourself in the music”. I presume that it is self-evident that the “listening to the system” and the “losing yourself in the music” are very different animals that certainly might be related. However, currently under discussion is not the result of the listening but the process of obtaining the result.

Would a properly, DPoLS-based, playback installation enrich a listener ability “to be lost in music”? Unquestionably would. How a listener without knowing the expressive methods of audio might bring up his/her system up to the DpoLS level? To do it requires a ceremony of connected sensations, actions and motivations… and this I try to make someone to think about. All that I was saying was that by perusing the "imaging minded” ceremony it is hardly possible to produce decisions leading to the actions that might produces any DPoLS-fruitful results.  Contrary to this the training to recognize the dynamic compression of listening rooms take the DpoLS searching skills through the roof.

Before one plays a violin concerto…. it would be nice to figure out the basis principles of noted producing by this violin … :-)

Romy the caT

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