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Post Subject: SS Power Amps - the FoxNews of Audio.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/22/2005

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Recently, I would say the last 2-3 years, I detected a very foolish tendency that audio people are brewing within themselves. A typical today’s audiofool holds within itself a hope about existing of a “secret”, no discovered yet, SS high power amplifier that address all problems of dead speakers sound reproduction. The tube people have this disease for many years and they keep within thier imagination s concept of “a secretive unique tube”. This  “secretive unique tube syndrome” is well-known, however if the tube people at least have some merits in this believe (like unique catachrestic of thier “unique” tube) then the SS people with this believe in thier “ultimate SS push-pull” have nothing more then just a new subscription to well-oiled marketing BS mixed with their ignorance to discriminate results.

Last 2 years, here and there, there are multiple reports about the new Australian, Japanese, German, Israeli, Italian, America, Russians and few other SS high power amplifiers that reportedly did not sound like a typical crappy SS amp. Sometimes ego I kind of followed those rumors reacting to all those VK-500, Parasound Halo JC-1 (the ultimate garbage!!!), Lamm M1.1, Spectral DMA-360, Boulder 2050, Tenor SS hybrids, Mark Levinson No.33H, Ayre V-1, Pass Labs X1000, Halcro dm68, Plinius SA250, Blue Circle BC-8 and many others and then, I recognized the foolish rumors pattern and frankly speaking got sick to even acknowledge all this crap. Today the new army of the SS amps out there and the morons who push them use the very same buzzwords and the very same bumper sticker inelegance to crate a new audio-Moronic hype about the “new generation” of SS push-pulled amps. The typical audio Morons learn those empty and in many instances criminally fraudulent audio-reviews, memorize them, and then exchange the quotes with each with other… How pathetic and depressing….

I would like do not insist that all SS power amplifiers are complete garbage, although it is what I feel (admitting that there are some very nice line-level SS electronics). However what I do insist that above-mentioned SS push-pull hunters waste themselves in very wrong and fundamentally unfruitful direction. A person who would sit in a public restroom, trying different fish sticks, with intention to catch fish out of a toilet probably would look ridicules. Why in such case a person who spent a lot of time and a lot of money picking better high-powered SS push-pull look less ridicules?

Unfortunately no one educate those people but if somebody do and if those people would have a chance to spent 5 seconds with their “beautiful SS amps” connected to a serious speaker then they instantaneously realized that the entire notions of “Recently SS Messiah” is completely fictional. He problem is that it is completely impossible, even theoretically impossible to be able to hear anything audio-valuable when one uses 200-400 watts SS push-pull and dead tonally and contrast disabled loudspeaker. Why? Connect this 300W SS amp to a PROPERLY BUILT AND PERFORMING 110dB sensitive system and listen what this realy amp does. Sound too revolting? Now connect it back to your 90dB sensitive speakers (even a god one) and see if your SS amp can REALLY discriminate tonal and dynamic charisma of notes? It is it! The game is over and the high power SS amp after this self-education should be sent to hell, or more precisely to the Audiogon to benefits a next idiot out there….

It is 21 century and still there is no good, tonally and contrast capable high sensitively loudspeaker. If all those people who waste themselves by infinite search of high power SS push-pull Messiah would spend the same amount of time and money to discover the potentials of properly done multi-channel (no single driver idiocy please!) high sensitively speaker then ALL those high power, SS, push-pull, gray-sounding amplifiers will die off and will not be applicable for a high demanding home sound reproduction…

For now, you the audio Moron, run to a bookstore, buy a new audio magazine and devour a new article about the new “discovered” SS push-pull monster, written buy you next audio pimp. The ignorance of those writers, the audio heaters, is very much matched with the idiocy of your, audio Moron, expectations. The FaxNews of Audio is opened 25 hours a day!

Romy the Cat

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