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Post Subject: Fun with transformers?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/21/2005

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It is interesting… I have a very precisely calibrated ¼db resolution AV meter and I decided juts for fan to see what the channels of Super Milq will do in the real life. I kept my Mocondo, along with the woofer towers connected to the Super Milq’s 3 channels, and juts ran the high impedance AV meters parallel to the loads of the each channel. I run the amp from my function generator with 1V at input (it is not full power but it was max that I was able to tolerate being in the same room, it was very loud!). I had the Super Milq rolling off at ¼db at 7.65Hz and the bottom and 23.455kHz at the top. I wonder: I have one spare full range Milq, the first one ever was built, and I would like to try a different transformer on it as a full range amp? Are any reedy to go transformers out there that might handle the real full range, at full 15W, down to 12-15Hz?

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