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Post Subject: Just hearing.....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/12/2005

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 David@NY wrote:
How did you adjust the slope?  By instrument or listening or both?

Well, as you understand I do not “adjust the slope” but juts move the crossover point on it’s slope. I do it explicitly by listening the thing – this was the initial idea and the purpose. I do not think that any instrumentation might be even applicable, well, I can measure it but it is completely not interpretable form my point of view. The attenuator has range from .001uF to m .2uf against 16Ohm.  Evan at .2uf that slop is starting from 50Khz and I arrive to the 12.5kHz with many-many decibels down. My usual setting of the attenuator is .086uF and when I go for .1uF it sounds too spicy. The point is that it would measurably affect very slightly the acoustic pressure somewhere at minus 12dB range, or even deeper, so I do not see any rational to take any measurements in this case under any considerations.

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