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Post Subject: Mighty McCauleysPosted by oxric on: 12/10/2010
 jessie.dazzle wrote:
I followed his advice and currently rent four storage facilities; two on either side of the Atlantic. I think its time to consolidate, but I'll definitely let you know if I need to add a fifth.


The offer stands but you certainly sound like you have meticulously covered all eventualities. Should I build a 40-50 Hz horn like you have done in due course, I too would plan to take it with me rather than start the building process again unless of course the new room dictated otherwise.

I would be interested in knowing the pressure that builds up inside one of your ULF enclosures using a single McCauley driver if you know it. Pre-fab concrete is of course made for different applications and from the abundant evidence of your past projects detailed here, one would think you chose the pre-fab material so it would withstand that kind of pressure. I would imagine that if one hopes to get the best out of pre-fab concrete, weight becomes an issue at some point.

In your new room if you know well enough the correct locations of the ULF/midbass channels, you might want to incorporate these in the walls of the room or the basement/attic to preserve a livable space if the entire ground floor is open plan.

Good luck


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