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Post Subject: ULF enclosures (images)Posted by jessie.dazzle on: 12/10/2010
I've meant for some time to add a few shots of the ULF channels.
Here's the first one; the photos were taken at my old place.

Lower-Bass B&W 00.jpg
Sized to fit through the door of the elevator (barely).
Baffle and lid cut with diamond blade.
Getting that lid up to seal the enclosure took some imagination.

Lower-Bass B&W 01.jpg
Driver ready to mount.

Lower-Bass B&W 02.jpg
Done (originally was going to cover them but natural finish grew on me)

Material: Concrete block
Drivers: McCauley 6174

I can remember testing the second one with the "lid" in position but not yet sealed; the 6174 actually made it visibly dance (driven by only 100 watts)! Once sealed and in use, the concrete blocks of one enclosure developed hairline cracks! I'm not sure if it was due to pressure or a shock inflicted on the blocks before I bought them. They still sound great, but there's a lesson here for anyone contemplating a similar project: Don't use these drivers in an enclosure made from pre-fabbed concrete blocks. Next time I'm making them from a double wall of 3/4-inch plywood sandwiching two inches of sand.


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