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Post Subject: Having your horn and eating it!Posted by oxric on: 12/10/2010
Hi Jessie:

It is indeed a (t)horny dilemna whether to get rid of the midbass horns now, with a view to starting all over again and customise the new horns for your eventual new home in Detroit or ship them at unfortunately what will be a very substantial cost to the US.

I did offer to buy your ULF enclosures and in all honesty this was partly out of an unexpressed desire to be helpful if possible. Well, with the huge horns I may present you with a solution which is an improvement on Romy's suggestion of 'cashing' them in. I have been quite impressed by the effort that went in producing these horns, a labour of love if ever there was one. And you obviously would hate to sell them and then find that at some point down the line, it is exactly these horns that you wanted to use all along. Well, if you could put them in storage somewhere, that would delay the decision until you have settled down in Detroit and decided what to do. Of course, such a solution comes at a price and you face the certainty of knowing that the cost of storage (which may be substantial depending on the passage of time involved) are unrecoverable.

I could offer you access to a fairly large garage in northern Cambridgeshire (about 100 miles north of London) where you could store the midbass horns. You do not have to budget for the cost of storage at all until you decide in 15-24 months' time say what you want to do. Three options are then open to you.

(i) You decide to ship the horns to your new place in the US. All you have to do at that point is settle a pre-agreed cost of storage with me.

(ii) You decide to sell the horns to me at a pre-agreed price minus the cost of storage. I may well find they are the horns that I need when I myself move (to France no less!!).

(iii) You decide to sell the horns and I decide that I do not need them. I help you advertise and offload your horns.

What makes this proposition even more interesting is that the garage may be large enough to accomodate your other horns/equipment until you are ready to have them shipped over. Of course, the whole scheme would be simpler if I was in or around Paris. Although I do know quite a lot of people there, I do not know anyone  who would have storage for such large units for such a length of time. If it was a shorter period and you have some smaller specific items that you wanted kept in storage, say your Lamm amps, then I could help with that without any difficulty whatsoever. Let me know.

Good luck

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