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Post Subject: Cost of moving vs. cost of cashing.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/9/2010

In he French Horns/drivers shootout thread:

Jessie wrote:

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
…I'll definitely let you know if I get the system up and running again before leaving France (the mid-bass horns, once done, could be temporarily moved out of the way), otherwise you'll have a reason to visit the Detroit area.

It not related to anything perhaps with exception to the thread: To move audio equipment in another home.

Bu I decided to post the question in Jessie’s own thread.

As I understand the horns and the ULF section are massive. They are semi-clay-made and hardly disassembleable. So, the cost of moving them to US will be huge. Did you consider do no move them in US but to cash the entire project in France and then hire someone in Detroit to do work for you? Living aside the sentimental personal attached to the labor of your hands and the fact that you have developed a number of mean illnesses while you were mixing the wax and building the horns, I would propose that the idea to sell the system in there and then built it here is very interesting from the following perspective:

1)    The cost of labor in US and most likely in Detroit is very low. For instance the cost of labor for my Midbass project was a half of what I expected
2)    You might to review some of your initial ideas and to make it second time better.
3)    You might hold building the system until your other circumstances (financial, social etc…) would click.
4)    You will be much more flexible real-estate deals if you do not have right the way demands for perfect listening room.

The point is that I m sure that after year of living abroad and moving to US you will have something else in your priorities list. If I were you and if I move to different country then I would put the system in storage for some months/years. Anyhow, if I was you then I would problem keep the MF horns but the ULF and Midbass would try to unload in Europe. The fact the they are not finished is very good – it means the new owner will slightly modify how he would like to have them and then you juts finish the project but it will be for sale deal.

Sorry, I enter into too private subjects, this is not my business of course but I think you I proposed do have some common sense. Well, I know that if I move from my house then I will live the midbass horn behind, right in the walls….

Rgs, The Cat

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