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 clarkjohnsen wrote:
I was privileged to hear Munch do it there in '66 and I remember even still the viscerality and excitement of it, although the band was not as competent in those days.

I know the Munch’s recording very well. It is not the best from my point of view but still very good and you lucky to catch it.

The 1966… hm… if feels like a long time ago… I would like to share with you my long time initiative.  I was visualizing a book where would be compiled reminisces of different people about themselves during the period when they had a chance to experience the greatest musical events of the last century. It would be very interesting and inspiring to read notes from the people who personally experienced “live” the Furtwangler’s B9 in 1942, the pre war Wagner by Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, the Barbirolli/ DuPre Elgar’s Concerto, the  Albert Coates with LSO playing Russian music in the mid 1940s, who was sitting at the rehearsals of the Edwin Fisher Trio at beginning of the 50s or who was frequent at the MET or at the Mexico City’s “Palacio de las Bellas Artes” in 1950s….

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