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Post Subject: Getting There From HerePosted by Paul S on: 12/6/2010

So, finally, here is the answer to my speculative question, up at the top of the page.  It certainly looks like Stereophile got the news quite a while ago, all right, in time to drop the ML2.1 from and incorporate the first public news of its discontinuance in their April, 2008 "Recomended Components" listings, albeit there was just a short blip under the "K" header.  Perhaps this plan, or something like it, has been in the works for quite some time?

In fact, it has been so long a time since then that I now wonder if either Lamm or Stereophile made a mistake back in April 2008?  Otherwise, why have we gone so long with no further word about this matter, and why did Lamm take so long to issue a replacement?  Was the ML2.2 release date perhaps set back so dealers could have a chance to clear out their "inventory" of ML2.1s?  It does not seem to make marketing sense, anyway.

I'm not sure when the next Stereophile Recommended Components list comes out, but I think it might be in April, 2011.  I also don't know what the lead time for reviews is; but I would not be surprized if The Review pops up in time for next April, and, in that case, betcha the ML2.2 is back among the Class A Recommendations...

On the one hand, it makes very good sense to position the ML2.2 as the "Little Brother" to the ML3, even to the point of saying it's damn near as good, there's just less power. HOWEVER: Unless I'm mistaken about the prices, this would mean that someone could damn near get 4 pairs of ML2.2s for the price of a single pair of ML3s.  Sure, the single pair of ML3s involves 4 chasses, but...

Paul S

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