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Post Subject: What is going on now.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/28/2010

In a few weeks the series of this post about this subject will be lost among other posts. Still the readers of my site who read my site regularly are able to put together the number of the posts from other threads, particularly those: 

…and a few others.

Following the path of the thoughts that I went over the last two weeks you mish to view the current thread in context of the other subjects. What I can tell you is that my discovery of practical implications of binaural nature of HF has a remarkably high practical impact. For instance this weekend I was able very dramatically to change the width of Macondo presentation just by tuning the precisions R and L channels of Macondo MF and HF. It is not just the width itself but the way how Macondo deal with width – very interesting and positive impact what I went to 0.1dB matching.

The most important is that I learned how and what to listen in sound in order to get an instant recognition of time discrepancy that come from asymmetry of the R and L channels.  Interestingly that I do not call for symmetry but I do call for absolute absence of time discrepancy distortions caused by HF asymmetry…

Very education time and very good practical results.

The Cat

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