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Post Subject: Relevant infomation to exploring new optionsPosted by noviygera on: 10/21/2010

thank you for sharing thoughts on the 80Hz horn, giving honest opinion.  So if the 80Hz horns are flawed design, I do not want to waste time to improve them. By the way, they are loaded with EVM15B drivers.

I am now a bit perplexed on which route I should take and now I need to reformulate my plans. To start with a blank page, as if I did not have them at all, I can explain what I want and what I have already. I am quite happy with the mid and upper sections of my speaker. That can be left alone but what to do on the bottom?

My mid/upper horns play down to 190Hz. That is -- 188Hz is the Fs of the mid. It's a horn loaded a 10" Precision Device driver. So I need a section (or two sections) to cover the bottom (below 190hz).

What can I do here?
1. direct radiator (or multiples) in sealed box
2. "properly" made rectangular horn to play down to about 100Hz with as few compromises as possible + sealed subs below 100Hz
3. something like the Imperial horn sub:
4. Fostex FW800HS 31.5" Super-Bass System, like here:

The problem is that I've only heard my own Edgar horns. I have NOT heard the other options I listed above.
I know what I want to get in terms of sound -- It is the range below 200Hz produced properly:
It must be, detailed texturally, effortless and quick. It must sound dynamically similar at low and high levels. It must NOT be boomy or bloated sounding.
It must have a natural tone that does not stand out as specifically "clean" or "tubby"
What options or configurations should I consider to meet the above goals?


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