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Post Subject: Hanging around of the DpoLS.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/16/2005

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Somewhere within this thread (or perhaps somewhere else) I have mentioned that my own playback systems last times was dead-installed into the DpoLS approximately 5 years ago. I kind of did not make a whole a lot of attempts with DpoLS since I was doing something with speakers and with power amplifiers. Now, since the Super Melquiades is finished, optimized with the Macondos and the only thing that I do with my playback is turn it on and off. I thought that it would be a good time to see how the system might react to the DpoLS proximity. So, since everything is locked I was slowly starting to move the speakers (within 4-5 inches). After a week I was able to found more or less interesting position that slightly turn the system on. I’m quite far from the exact DpoLS positions. I would say that I am still ~2 inches away (that is HUGE for the DpoLS) but I do feel that I move to a correct direction, regarding the DpoLS nearness.

Will see what I would fine myself in a few weeks…
Romy the Cat

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