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Post Subject: The end of MiniMePosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/5/2010
As much as the concept of MiniMe I find is supremely useful as much it was unlucky in my implementation. I went over a number of monitors, then built my own versions of MiniMe, then in the new room I used Danlavy SCIII. Some of them were good but it looks like they did not stick to the wall.

The last week I setup a new revision of MiniMe and it gives me some odd sense of peacefulness. My new listing room had 4 in-ceiling mount speakers (cathedral cathedral, so it is kind of in-wall mount). The speakers were SpeakerCraft – nothing exiting but they have in wall 6 run of very good cables to itch of them. I put into the SpeakerCraft the Focal Utopia drivers; in this case multi-wired with Utopia own external crossover and driver it all from a separate from my plays table radio. I do like the result, particularly the fact the woofer work in infinite baffle and do prose very pleasant sound.

I did remove the SCIII out of my room. There is no MiniMe anymore. From one perspective it was good to have a pilot speaker. I still like the idea and I will be missing it. From additional perspective my listing room is well isolated from living quitter and radio plays via my in-wall MiniMe all time – it is too comfortable do not use it as is….



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