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Post Subject: Sorry, I do not get you.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/24/2010
 noviygera wrote:
I think clearing this up this may be of benefit to other users who are building multi-way horns.

Let's say I've got two horns mounted on a frame. There's a high horn above and a mid horn below and they are physically time aligned, meaning the magnets of the drivers are about at the same vertical axis.

I want to cross them over (either passive or active or line level passive) at 2kHz.

I want to try 6db/octave slopes and 12 db/octave slopes for SQ comparisons sake.

The sound wavelength @ 2kHz is about 7 inches. 6db crossover have a 90 deg. phase shift; 12db crossover have a 180 deg. phase shift.

Switching between 6db and 12db crossovers slopes (and other slopes like 18 and 24db), do I also need to physically move the mid and high horns in relation to each other to have proper time alignment? Or should I leave the horns the way they are? 


I completely do not understand what you ask. The physical aligning of magnets is absolutely irrelevant. The crossover slopes are irrelevant. Why would you need to do switching between crossovers slopes? All that you need to alight is the arrival time of the summits of two sinusoids in the same period. I think the best would be not just tell you how to do it (it was told many times before) but to encourage you to listed your multi-way with and with alignment and to learn what the auditable difference might be.

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