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Post Subject: An experimentPosted by KS on: 8/17/2010
I should have said UP or Down in the listening chair. Toward and away from the speakers will also do it, unless you're sitting midway between tweeter and mid of course, but not to the extent of up/down will.

I just did an experiment with some fishing line. Sitting about 12' away from time aligned driver where the tweeter is ±1.5' from the mid, if I move down in my listening chair by 2" I achieve perfect phase misalignment (i.e 180 out of phase) at my tweeter crossover point of 10k.

Can you guys hear these comb filtering anomalies if you slouch in your chairs?

As far as time aligment goes and delay goes, I came upon this (source unknown) which would seem to suggest tweeters need about a 2' offset before lack of alignment is audible:

Frequency Threshold of Audibility
8 kHz 2 msec
4 kHz 1.5 msec
2 kHz 1 msec
1 kHz 2 msec
500 Hz 3.2 msec

Comments welcome.

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